Welcome to the Passion to Profession BLOG. 

Our posts will be delivered to you from a variety of guests in the knowledge sharing and teaching industry. Our aim is to make the transition into online as easy as possible for those who wish to start earning online by sharing their passion. 

The elearning industry, which is where we fall under is an industry that is booming. There are many looking to take a piece of that online earning pie because, well,… why not? It’sforecasted to be worth over $300USD billion dollars by 2026!

But before you dive right into getting a site and domain name, you need to plan you business, decide what and how you will share your passion, and understand the many ways you can begin earning online. 

My name is Nikki Cali, and I’m the founder of Passion to Profession and MemberApp. I have been in the online business delivery product.  From interior textile pieces, to sharing my knoweldge via courses and memberships and creating a software solution to help other begin offering their knowledge and sharing their passion online with ease.

My aim is to help as many as I can share their passion and turn it into a profession online. I want to help you get online and get your earning, because when we have a passion and can earn from it, we can succeed, because each and every day is a blessing. If I can make that easy for you and help you create a sustainable, successful business then I know I’ve acheived what I set out to do……. 

So let’s get into the world of learning and teaching and see how wonderful live can be sharing our passion and turngin that into a profession. 

Nikki Cali is an Australian Business woman and a solutions creator. The founder of MemberApp a LMS Solution and Passion to Profession Business Coach , based in Melbourne. Subscribe so you don’t miss any future posts on earning and turing you passion into a profession.


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