Why Passion to Profession?

Picture this......

A couple months or even weeks from now, you are sitting at dinner and hear a “ping”… that’s your notification that a new member has signed up, or a potential student is enquirying about your coaching program……

Knowing you have found your place online, and can process through your business with confidence, and most importantly knowing you’ve got this……..

Your customers are excited to be part of your community and work with you….

Building your audience, and crafting the best knowledge based business you can for your members with new levels of energy….. 

Knowledge Business has changed online

Building an online knowledge based business has changed now. When it comes to selling your courses, your memberships or coaching programs, you need to really look at your audience and their needs. The market is very competitive and so, planning your path is important to your success. 

The way you present your content, the way in which you engage with your audience and the way your audience engages with your business, needs to be approached carefully. 

The overload of information online, the many different channels, social platforms, softwares and technologies out there, can overwhelm anyone looking for an answer. 

That’s where Passion to Profession comes in, I’ve learnt to do things differently, it never has to be hard. We of course need to put some effort in, but that’s what we focus on in P2P.

We help narrow down the path, clear out the fluff and get you closer to launching and delivering your online business… whilst enjoying the steps. When you enjoy it, you engage and recall, so you can implement the same steps everytime you plan to deliver something new, time and time again. 

Don't Overcomplicate It!

Meet your coach and founder of Passion to Profession, Nikki Cali

The constant shift and push to evolve was exhausting and taking a toll on my health, until I was made to stop, or else I would loose my second born…

It’s not exactly something I tell people everyday, but it was the turning point in my career, my worklife where I knew I needed to find a simpler way of looking at approaching the evolution to online knowledge based business. 

My back ground is in textiles, a tangible product that can be hard to sell online, so my first hurdle was back in 2009 when I launched my online retail store, whilst wholesaling my luxury homelinen range. It was all great, but after the birth of my first born in 2010, I had to make a slight change with my offer and consult. If that wasnt enough, that took me to wonderul places like Europe and Asia, but away from family. 

Soon, came along my second and it was at that point I h

ad to slow down. A friend mentioned it was time to share my passion another way…. through a membership?!

And so, I went into online tech research mode, everything looked shiney and exciting to use, but costly. I thankfuly was growing a following, an audience who wanted to learn more. I took my experience in listening to my clients and heard what they wanted to learn and how. So I dove right in and began looking at ways to deliver what I knew and what they asked for. 

During this time, I discovered that others like me were venturing down the knowledge based business path and needed advice on settin up their business online, whilst I was also creating my own application for my members because… well they needed to access my content on the road. Now that lead me to creating a software (we can talk about that another time). 

So after all my years of running a business, evolving and having to sit back an re-evaluate my process to ensure ease and less stress, 

” I’ve gone from dreaming I could make an impact by helping others, to actually creating tools and coaching others to turn their passions into their profession. “

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