Passion to Profession

Passion to Profession

Passion to Profession

You will become more confident than ever with online tech, and with the simple processes and rules to turn your passion into your profession.


I’m Nikki Cali, solution creator and founder of Passion to Profession® and I’m truly excited to you’re here! I’m a mum, interiors business owner, and now software designer (solution creator). After helping other women in business set up their online memberships, courses and coaching programs, I realised I needed to think differently and work on a solution, rather than just “hacking a fix”. 

My experience is a big part of how I create solutions for others. It has forced me realise my skills in understanding the underlining problem many of us face when looking to start an knowledge based business online. That’s what led me to create courses, group coaching programs and online products and an actual software that can house our knowledge bsaed business.

I believe that we should all have confidence online, from setting up to building a business ourselves. It doesn’t need to be hard. My mission is to make the journey easier for you by sharing with you my experience and my easy to adapt solutions. 

We all learn from experience and better still when it’s easy, it’s fun! So thats why with Passion to Profession, I’m going to help you keep that passion alive, not turn it into a chore. You will become more confident than ever with online tech, and with the simple processes and rules to turn your passion into your profession.

Ways I can help you

Membership and Group Coaching Program

Passion to Profession® is an online community, with a library of content along with easy to follow courses. You will have access to everything you need from set up to launching your online business. 

Personal Online Strategy Consulting

Personal coaching is an intensive option to building you online knoweldge based business. Delivered online, I will help you map out your set up from start to finish to get you earning an online income.

Breaking down your big task

Passion to Profession, helps you take steps to your success.

I will help you break down a big task into smaller steps, making it easier to get you to your goal… you’ll learn processes to keep you diciplined and keep you on course to building your successful knowledge based business. 

Recognising your idea: Working on your idea, do you want to share, teach or guide?

Define your offer: We work on how will you delivery your content, engage with your community, build retention.

Deliver your business: Finally the technical set up based on your findings, and delivering your business along with how to gain momentum and build your community.

Want to start or grow your online knoweldge based business?

Feel free to contact us, or check out your options and get started now.

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